Will Not Let You Know

December 13, 2011
By Sunshiney BRONZE, Norcross, Georgia
Sunshiney BRONZE, Norcross, Georgia
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For everyday there is a different way,
That you prove to me you love me way more than you say,
You hold me close and kiss my face,
It's actually made me feel kind of safe,
But last night I lost something I thought we always had,
And everyone's lust,
I found something out that I would never believe is true,
Especially for you,
My special dude,
The one I wanted to give my heart to was sleeping in a bed,
With a hoe that shouldn't even be in your head,
I was so hurt when the news broke,
But I will not cry,
I'll just hold it in and Iwill not let you know,
That I can be weak,
And cry like I care,
I will not fall and I will not break,
I will not let you know I have lost all faith,
I felt things that can never be replaced,
I'll just hold tight and let this pass,
And try to forget what you probably regret,
I will not let you know,
What you tried to hide,
Has already been shown

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