I've Been Thinking!

April 10, 2008
By Natalie De La Vega, Chula Vista, CA

As I sit here tonight,
At only 9:45 at night,
I start to think about my life.
I start tot hink about all:
the lies, the hurt, the hard truths, and LOVE!!

Maybe my girls are right.
Maybe I am falling for Paco again!
I SWORE that I'd NEVER go BACK to him...
In that way at least!

I'm thinking about my betrayals
that people have done to me.
I'm thinking about how I'll
forgive those who have hurt me!

Even my ex's, Robert's,
poem made me cry.
I knew aboiut his little brother,
But I never thought that he's ever write about it!

I hate lying awake when I could be sleeping..
Especially when all I'm
thinking about are my PROBLEMS!

Why do I have to go through this?

God, please help me!!!!

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