Writers Block

April 10, 2008
By Lea Duttweiler, Guttenberg, IA

I'm sitting here in my swivly chair.
Staring at the keyboard.
Thinking about you.
And not about my paper
And speech that are due on monday.
That I wont have enough time to finish.
Because I love to procrastinate.
But still I sit.
Writers block taking over.
My mind on something else.
On you maybe.
Or the game I have to cheer at tonight.
And the fact
That this guy might talk to me about something.
And I'll have to break his heart.
Joy is writers block.
Mindless games I play with myself.
Staring at the letters.
Trying to form a word.
A sentance, a paragraph.
Get out of mind.
Let me continue my life.
But you will come back.
Like always before.
Back into my mind.
Blocking my thoughts and words.
Giving me writers block.
Once again.

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