Cover My Ears

April 10, 2008
Cover my ears. Hope it all dies out.
Screaming right in front of you.
Do you even hear me?
I keep falling. Over and over.
Deeper everytime.
Never wanting to let go.
Your eyes burn into mine.
And you dont even realize.
Falling apart. Tearing up on the inside.
Just hold me close.
And never let go. Then maybe.
Maybe i wont come apart so quickly.
You dont even see my face.
Staring blankly ahead.
So many thoughts running through my mind.
I curse the place they come from.
Begging it to stop just for an instant.
So i can regain control over you.
Claw at my eyes so they cant cry.
Cover my mouth so i cant scream.
Hold me tighter so i dont run away again.

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