Scratching My Eyes Out

April 10, 2008
By Lea Duttweiler, Guttenberg, IA

Leaning against the wall i watch you.
Talking to your friends, making your rounds.
Your laugh pierces my heart like ripped metal.
The cut is jagged and torn, bleeding freely and constant.
You look in my direction and before you can make eye contact i look away.
My shoes are cheap like you were to her.
Did she leave you heartbroken and bitter?
Unable to eat or sleep at night, simply fading into the shadows of night, unseen and replaced.
I shift my eyes back to you but you've already looked away.
Forgotten, unconfortable, and tired of life, i walk away from you.
I grab a glass and start the attempt to drink my pain away.
My shattered heart begins to mend, slowly and unsurely.
As if its waiting to be broken again.

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