April 10, 2008
By Carey Feng, Cherry Hill, NJ

Your face burns up with pain,
But no hand slaps it.
Hot tears burn your face,
But for a different kind of pain.
A kind of pain that rages burning down heart by heart,
A kind of pain that binds us in chains.
A kind of pain that hurts so much it kills.
And the damage is worse then a bullet through your heart,
A knife in your chest,
Or a rope around your neck.
The pain of hate and the damage of words separate us from the world we all dream of.

The devil speaks in your ear,
It feeds the fire in your burnt heart more and more wood.
Hate is the devil’s power, weapon, and lie.
Soon your heart will kill you.
Hate transforms into words,
The words that act like viruses,
The words that spread the hate.
The hate and hurt that causes war.
The war that separates and kills us inside.

But love,
Love is the pill for Hate’s virus,
Words fever.
Love is the medicine that heals the burn,
The burn that leaves an everlasting scar in our heart.
Love is our glue,
But Love never lasts forever,
Medicine needs white cells to help.
Just as Love needs our Choices to help.
Our Choices need to be filled with love,
Our Choices make love permanent,
Our Choices kill war.
Our Choices will kill the hate of tomorrow.

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