April 10, 2008
Another day,
Another gone
Another happy soul is gone with in the thin air
Looking around,
I see all the people who loved him
But none of them loved him as much as I did
The air is filled with sadness
Soft cries are heard over the minister
It’s a gloomy day,
The sky is grey
Clouds are cowering from the wind,
Hitting us with force
The minister is saying some words
“Here we will lay Robert Jeffery...”
I tune him out
He’s not dead,
His body may lie here
But that doesn’t mean he’s dead
The sky looks like it’s going to rain
He loved the rain,
He would spend hours in it
Standing in the street, in his pants
He never wore a shirt or shoes when he stood outside,
He said he loved the touch of the rain on his chest
“He was a good student, friend, son….”
No, he’s not dead
I know he’s here somewhere
He would give me a sign
The sky is getting darker,
I can’t see the car anymore
Looking around,
I see everyone is putting up umbrellas
Looking down at the coffin,
I see little rain drops
Is it my imagination?
Or did I just see a heart shaped out of rain drops?
No….it can’t be
It is...
It’s a heart
Is this my sign?
Looking around,
No one else seems to notice it
Looking back at the coffin,
The heart seem to have grown
Feeling something cold touch my hand,
Looking to my right,
I expect to see someone
But it’s only air
“Everything will be fine, I love you”
Turning around to see who was there
Sadness overwhelmed me,
When I saw no one
What’s going on?
It sounded just like him,
I must be tired
He’s here
He’s with me
Standing right next to me,
Telling me that everything will be fine,
That he loved me
This is my sign
If only I could have one more sign
Like something he would do...
If only I could hear his deep voice screaming that he loved me
A loud noise filled the cemetery,
The ground shook
Then it all stopped,
The thunder said it all

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