Responses 2 A Heartbreak

April 10, 2008
By Jasmine Johnson, Dolton, IL

Has your mind played tricks on you lately/ Did your heart tell you to turn around/ Can you no longer feel the blood rushing within your veins/ And a promised life you haven't found/
Do you fear that you're no longer appreciated/ And your existence no longer has a purpose/ Your heart couldn't bare the site of anything/ You thought was really worth it/ Has a new beginning ended/ And the last word said first/ So much regret is discovered/ Yet at the same time it doesn't hurt/ Because what made you cry/ Stood out to be a significant lesson/ No more do you feel sympathy for others/ Because you take the time to count YOUR blessings/ And ask the Lord "Why Me?"/ "Why did I have to face so much pain?"/ "By being left all alone, why does it drive ME insane?"/ Refuse to carry on for anything/ Won't try to wake to another day/ Because all I want is for people to hear/ Exactly what I have to say/ Girls don't let any boy rip your heart in two/ Boys don't let any girl turn your world around/ Because LIKE turns into what you THINK is really LOVE/ That becomes a heartbreak that will FOREVER leave a frown/

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