Where Do Lost Children Go?

April 10, 2008
Where do lost children go as they’re taken from day, To stumble in darkness and whither away? Are they lured into houses of gingerbread? Are they stuffed and baked until one day they’re dead? Do they fly off to Neverland and become lost boys? Or are they taken from school with a promise of toys? Where do lost children go when they’re lost in the wood, To frolic, wander, and not stand where they stood?Are they raised by small pixies and taught how to fly? Or do they become as hollow as the tree they sit by? Do they ride singing animals and drink from a cup? Or do they fall into water and never come up? Where do lost children go when they wander afar,To wander, tumble, and climb in a car? Do they fall into rabbit holes and play some croquet?Or are they played with, photographed, and bribed just to stay? In fire, rain, darkness, snow?Oh where, may I ask, do lost children go?

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