April 10, 2008
Once in our life we must ask ourselves,
What is a friend?
Friend is but a word that represents many,
Someone or persons that you try your hardiest to trust and confide in.
But a friend can betray as well,
Breaking the ever so thin bond between you.
But friendship has a whole different meaning.
It takes more than we know to find the true meaning of friendship.
This golden emotion appears between so very few.
Having it will make life richer than any creature in this unending universe.
It took two very special and dear people to me to relies its true meaning.
They have taught me how to believe, learn, and to trust again.
Though all my flaws they have held me in their arms
And allowed me a shoulder to cry on.
They believe that everyone is equal,
They have a strength that only they can achieve,
The will to live for themselves and others,
And wisdom that is found in so very few.

Without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today.
They have changed me to be someone I have wanted to be in so long,

As I started to write this it started to snow.
As if encouraging me to continue writing,
What I have wanted to say for so long.
I have chosen to write these words instead of saying them.
Be grateful,
That u don’t have to suffer my senseless stuttering of doubt.
I also want you to know that no matter what I will always,
Be with you.

I’m so glad that GOD was kind enough,
To send me his most treasured guardian angels.
You both are more graceful,
And beautiful than any angel that watches over the earth from the heavens.
You both shine more then GOD himself,
And remember that he made u that way,
So that u may shine through the darkness,
That threatens to consume us all.

No matter how far the distance,
Just say my name and I shall be there by your side,
Ready to fight with all my life for you both,
And to keep you smiling even through the most hardest of times.

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