I Sit Here

April 10, 2008
By Dani Dubay, Turners Falls, MA

I sit here and think of him
I don’t know how I feel
Too bad I know it’ll never be
Not after this whole ordeal
I know he’d never hurt me
At least that’s what I’ve always thought
Now my eyes seem to fill with tears
But I never do get caught
If he saw the way I felt
I know he would feel bad
But seeing him miss out on this
Would REALLY make me sad
I can’t believe I care so much
On whether he’s with her
But when I see the way they are
My feelings start to stir
I know I’ll never tell him
What’s eating me inside
I know this is nothing wrong
So I’ll swallow up my pride
I’ll bite my tongue
And hide my tears
Laugh it off
And beat on my fears
But if this ever gets out
I know I can’t deny
Cuz once I know he sees it
It’s impossible to lie

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