Butterflies in Dawn

April 10, 2008
Let it rain
Threw the darkened ages.
And the newly wedded sun.
Like the parents
of a new butterfly.
Leaves were falling,
and so was the sun.
The dawn was coming
But it wasn't done.
The flowers weren't blooming,
The moonlight shown.
The beauty down on it showed.
They groaned in sorrow
with the beautiful rose's petals.
Smelling as if it were new to the world.
The deer, the bears, the animals of the forest.
The eyes looked up and it shined onto the moon.
The world they were in flapped with purple from beyond.
Sounded as if heaven,
looked as a twilight of disbelief.
As if twilight had been drawn,
Could this be,
Or was it just,
Butterflys were at dawn?

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