Chop Suey

April 10, 2008
By Chelsie Kane, Abington, MA

Both white and yellow shadows
From the sun as it shines in,
One coat hanging, one cold cup of tea.

Why did you do it?
You picked her over me.

Not many can hear,
We are arguing
Like a sleeping baby is near.

No food on the table,
We are not hungry.

She called me an hour ago,
She needed to speak with me.
Now we are here and I just want
To get it over with.

Didn’t you know what happened was some made up myth?

Sitting next to the window,
I wonder what is going on outside.
I can’t really hear anything
Besides someone whistling at a cab for a ride
This city is still,
Not a lot is going on.

Little did we know the Depression,
Would shortly turn everything wrong.

This five-year relationship
Coming to an end,
Maybe the next time we meet at Chop Suey, she will be looking for my broken heart,

To mend.

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