Our World

December 26, 2011
Sleep, you evade me
All around me, they snore
Cozy in a nice dream
Can I take much more?

Alone with my thoughts
To help pass the time
Moonlight gleams through my window
For awhile, it is all mine

The stars are too few
In the light-dark sky
With nothing to wish upon
I slowly begin to cry

What has this world come to?
Pollution paints what once was treasured
Media and greed locks itself in our minds
Steadily, we crack under their pressure

Good men and women
Fighting pointless wars
And being your true self
Isn’t cool anymore

Girls who have sex are “sluts”
Guys who don’t are “losers”
Labels are lightly tossed around
Like nerd, jock, dork, emo and boozer

If a girl eats
She can’t be thin
And a gay man
Isn’t really a “him”

Music is virtually pointless
All about sex, glamour, and fame
No emotion is involved
It’s all just the same

Something cool and popular
Fades into the next new thing
Nothing is forever
Not even the diamond in the ring

Kids are starving
People live in the streets
Why can’t anyone
Help them to their feet?

People can’t stay together
And they have no time to spare
Kids have no true home
Their parents don’t seem to care

Religion is shrinking faster than ever
Morals no longer exist
People do anything and everything
For their next adrenalin fix

Monsters are everywhere
In forms of weapons and drugs
It has spread so much
To even those we love

Our world is full of chaos
Envy and greed, Love and hate
Can we stop it all
Before it’s too late?

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