April 10, 2008
By Julia McKelvy, Erie, PA

It was her first day of kindergarten,
The teacher asked the students, what do you want to be!
She sat there for a moment, tapping that invisible thinking hat,
I got it! I got it!

Practically unable to contain her excitement, she blurted out
I want to be a chameleon!
Every one stopped, every one stared, and every one laughed.
Even the kids knew that it was not possible.
So she slid herself low in her seat and huffed,
I’ll show them! I’ll show them!

Third grade she was standing on the recess court,
Wearing braids in her hair and a pretty pink dress.
Standing with other girls, girls with braids and pretty pink dresses.
She blends in well
Sixth grade she was in shorts and a t-shirt,
Ponytail in scrapes on her knees,
Like the scrapes on boys knees,
Boys she played street hockey with, she blended in well
I’ll show them! I’ll show them!

High School rolls around pretty fast,
In gym she’s picked last elementary school was in the past, she’s a cheerleader, lead star in the school play, math she has an A, skipped school! Her boyfriend is a fool! She took up smoking because she thought it was cool! It’s her senior year, graduation is near, on her face there’s fear!
I’ll show them! I’ll show them!

Now she’s grown, with children of her own, she’s got a job, no time to sob, she’s super mom, and she can do no wrong. She watches her babies grow up, but something’s not quite right!
She’s older now, her time has come. As she looks into the light, her eyes shine, she’s in kindergarten, playing hockey, acting in a play, graduating, watching her babies grow up and in her eyes you can see clearly the colors of a chameleon.
I showed them! I showed them!

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on Jan. 30 2011 at 8:56 pm
Lauryn Hanley GOLD, Houston, Texas
13 articles 2 photos 8 comments
i love it! it beautiful!


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