April 10, 2008
By Rebecca Neff, Girard, OH

Starlight. Star bright.
First star that I see tonight.
I wish I may. I wish I might.
Have this wish I wish tonight.

To be back in that almost forgotten place.
To be near you once more.
Even to hear that mesmerizing voice would do.
But heaven forbid these dreams will ever come true.
But even so, the thought of you is what keeps me up into these late night hours.

Your touch still tingles against my skin.
Those eyes still seem to burn through my soul.
Those sweet kisses seem to linger even more so now.
Oh, how I long for these simple daydreams to be true.

So I lay awake, hoping not to fall asleep,
And be caught up in the thought of the fictional you holding the realistic me.
For when I awaken,
I must face the heartbreak of knowing the lonely truth.
Realizing that you’re not here anymore seems to hurt worse everyday.

But what hurts the most is,
knowing that I still need you.
Not want,
But truly need you.
So here I sit,
Staring up at the blanket of stars in the sky and wish upon another star and hope that
one day my pleads will be answered.

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