Green Little Monster

December 25, 2011
Well hello there, Green Little Monster,

Are you here to take me away,

You think I will come to your every bay,

But it seems I have no choice,

No one will hear my voice,

You take me over, as you wrap me in your evil clutch,

Now I will have to use you as my crutch,

Well hello there, Green Little Monster,

You are now seeping and slithering into me,

Of course you won't listen to my plea,

I have become a different person over all,

And now I answer to your every call,

Anger and jealousy pour out of me,

Now I only see what you see,

Well hello there, Green Little Monster,

My eyes now shine an unmistaken green,

Now every ounce of my being now hates what I am seeing,

The smile, the laugh, the light in her eyes,

The things I truly despise,

My mind wraps itself on the idea of revenge,

I know this I will avenge,

Well hello there, Green Little Monster,

Why must you make me think the ways I do,

All I want is to be true,

I never want to wish these things on someone,

I just want to be done,

Leave me now, so I can do what's right,

Now you will leave me in spite,

Well goodbye, Green Little Monster,

You have no control of me now,

And I vow,

I will never see, hear, or speak that way,

To anyone in anyway,

I am way to clever,

So goodbye forever,

Green Little Monster

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Angel_Writer said...
Jan. 2, 2012 at 4:46 pm
I really like it! It is slightly rough, but nothing is perfect, and I think if you keep writing you will improve very quickly, but you are already off to an awesome start. :)
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