I'm Me

April 9, 2008
By Christopher Largent, Grand Junction, CO

I know I said I was done writing,
But I decided to keep fighting,
I can’t give up poetry when that’s who I am,
I am no longer in this condemn,
I’m me, no one else but me,
This is my life and my soul is free,
God gave me this talent, and it wont go away,
I was lost and God found me and decided for me to stay,
I’m me, I can’t give up me,
I don’t need her, why did it take so long to see,
All I need is my dreams and passion,
Unlike you I have strong compassion,
No one needs love to live,
No one needs to receive to give,
I am on this Earth for a reason,
Sadly this world is full of treason,
But remember who you are,
Remember your dreams and you’ll go far,
Don’t let love drag you down,
Don’t let anything take you down,
I gotta do what I gotta do,
Don’t forget I’m me and you’re you!

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