What is Love?

December 24, 2011
By TaylorMarie24 GOLD, Long Beach, California
TaylorMarie24 GOLD, Long Beach, California
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What is love?
Does it fly around from person to person while staying pure as a dove?

Who is it for?
You or me, or is it just for those in this world who knows there’s more?

Does it have pain and sorrow?
Is it one of those things that have you wishing everyday for a better tomorrow?

Is it filled with excellence and joy?
Do you feel bursts of happiness when you find that one oh so special girl or boy?

How does it smell?
Of red roses after winter has fell?

How does it look?
Can you see hearts and kisses like at the end of every fairy-tale book?

What do you hear?
Does it sound of seductive whispers echoing in your ear?

How does it taste?
Is it sweet like pie or gooey and sticky like the school’s glue paste?

What is it made of?
Gold and silver, sparkles and diamonds, money and lust, or could it just be so simple, one little thing, one special ingredient…
Nothing but love, with no debt to lust.

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