Moving On But Never Gone

April 9, 2008
i'm moving on but never gone,
these memories of me will always be in the back of your mind,
like when the earth stoped and everything shined,
i'm leaving but still lingering,
in these hallowed halls and in all your minds,
even though you cannot see me i'm right beside you,
i'm all around you,
i'm the whispering wind in a forest of pines,
the creeping of the vines on the side of a gravestone,
i'm the cry of a seagull; flying through the sky alone,
just seek and you will see, i'm everything and anything you want me to be,
you may cry for me in the darkness of the night and mourn for me in the comfort of a sleeve,
but please don't,
i'm in a wonderfully better place and i'm not truly gone as long as you believe,
you may ask when you will see me again and i say, when the time is right and the sun shines bright,
i will be there waiting to take you by the hand,
and you will understand,
but it is not your time not yet it is still mine,
so i hope that one day you will finally see,
that i'm moving on but never truly gone.

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