Winter Rain

April 9, 2008
By Carey Feng, Cherry Hill, NJ

Pit, Pat, Pit, Pat.
The raindrops beat quietly against the windowpane.
Pit, Pat, Pit, Pat.
I have a message they seem to say.
Pit, Pat, Pit, Pat.
Please listen I pray.
The heavens are crying,
The rivers are flowing.
Oh, how terrible it is to see us falling.
The clouds are ill,
And I beg you, please be still.
Oh polluters, hibernate for just a day,
And I promise you for when you wake.
You will see our beauty,
How lovely we just are,
And how you need us to do our part.
Pit, Pat, Pit, Pat.
The children sigh.
Oh, how awful it is,
To see the heavens cry…
Winter Rain.

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