My Knight in Dingy Armor

April 9, 2008
By Paige Paschal, Glasford, IL

your words were so true,
or so it would seem.
you told me i was perfect,
that i was your EVERYTHING!
now all i am to you is another picture.
it hurts me to know that your out there,
sitting next to her in our old places.
you laughing at me,
with all your smug faces.
every time i think back,
i can see your smile,
i can feel you touch,
it seemed so worth while...
but when you said all those hateful things,
my heart broke inside,
you said you didn't love me the way you did,
that it just wasn't the same.
i felt like I could kill you,
i felt so ashamed.
all those minutes, hours, and days.
you tossed them all out the window,
to vanish into the haze.
so I'll sit here and wonder,
just what I did wrong.
but then again,
i wont,
because thats just letting you get the last word.
so I'll end this fude.
I'll write this song!

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