Love I Used to Look in the Mirror

April 9, 2008
By Caitlin LaBrie, Hudson, NH


I used to look in the miror and here's what i saw -ugly -disgusting. I also said "how could you evr let this happen. And then i see blood going down my arm.And down my leg. And aross my stomach. I think: Your worthlss No one will ever love you. I just want to die. Then i met you and everything changed. I thought differently of myself i saw beautiful. Someone does love you. You've helped me try and stop my painfil illness. You care if i'm upset you care about me. You love me for me. I can't believe I listened to alltht stuff he said. About me being ugly. No one will love you. You're disgusting. And now i will always think positive about myself because of you. ILOVEYOU!

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