I Look Out the Window

April 9, 2008
By cydney wallace, EAGAN, MN

I look out the window and tilt my head slightly towards the heavens.

Suddenly a small rain drop hits my face and rolls down my cheek like a teardrop, seconds later indentical diamond like drops fall from the grayish sky above.

Quickly my body starts to react to this marvelous site.

My heart begins flutters with excitiment, my breath quickens and my grin turns into laughter.

Millions of thoughts race through my mind.

I spent the next mintue dreaming of the kiss we had in that late summer's storm and what a wonderful feeling that was.

an hour passed and the storm cleared quitely and calmly.

Leaving me with a acheing feeling for it to come back.

Then I realized the storm was your love.

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