moving to cannon fall

December 1, 2011
By , Cannon Falls, MN
First time I saw a tractor on the highway, I knew this was a bad idea. Moving to Cannon Falls made a huge impact on my life in many different ways. Cannon Falls has a few highs and quite a few lows. There are three lows that stick out a lot such as entertainment, sports, and school.

Entertainment is one of the biggest changes for me because there is absolutely nothing to do in this town. Even if you wanted to just hang outside, there is absolutely nothing to do. There are no attractions at all. well maybe there is a few for the hicks but that’s about it. I love sports and i take pride in my athletic surroundings.

sports is the second biggest change for me because if I’m not in school or at home, I’m playing some kind of sport. Cannon Falls has pretty descent sports teams except its nothing compared to the teams in St. Paul where I used to live. Cannon has really small teams, which they don’t even have tryouts unless its the dance team. Besides sports, academic changes standout as well.

The one thing that impacted me the least but stands out greatly is school. This school is way different than my old one. Cannon Falls has a super small school and it has a ton of problems such as drama. Everybody knows everything about everyone and it gets really annoying. Cannon also has no diversity.
There are many more changes at my new town but these three affected me the most. Cannon isn’t the worst town, its just not right for me. I wouldn’t have made this choice if it was mine to make.

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