Mean or Nice

April 9, 2008
She looked at me with one beady eye.
I thought for sure, that I would die.
She glanced my way with spinach in her teeth.
She glanced at me with a chuckle, hehe.
I looked at her, my eyes a glazed.
She saw me too, and call me to her desk.
I knew this was not about a pop quiz or a test.
I bet she was moving me to the back, the last desk.
But as I reached the front slowy trudging by,
she just thought I seemed shy and wanted to say hi.
I was relieved and my palms did not sweat.
The next day she brought in a hamster as the class pet.
She got nicer and nicer, i just believed what I heard from from others.
This saying is true,
never judge a book by its cover.

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