Human Skin Drum

December 1, 2011
Staring at the human skin drum I wonder who that skin was Had he or she noticed? A beggar Hitting on its skin For three time
But nobody screams
Vibrating the Humanskin drum There will never be a day They would ever believe their skin can vibrate
Humanskin drum sound It sounds no different with any others Even though people always expect It’s going to be unique But it sounds like just a drum
Kids play on Humanskin drum They don’t know
It was made of themselves
Am I being humanskin drum If I will be one of them I will chose a that person
Make my drum of me But I don’t know who he is going to be
Numbed Humamskin drum They are innocent Like a nuclear without human minds Like a baby with innocent eyes Even though drum don’t have eyes
We stand outside the door hear the Humanskin drum We sympathy them We protect them We remenber them
We hear them Very carefully But outside the door
Why Humanskin drum ever existed This ridiculous humanskin drum Hasn’t been there yet It’s just a joke

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