Have You Ever

April 9, 2008
By Tara Atkins, Eatonville, WA

Have you ever lived through something

Impossible to forget?

Have you ever been let down

And were too numb to get upset?

Have you ever acted happy and smiled

And beneath that mask was a frown?

Have you ever hidden from the world

Because you were feeling down?

Have you ever made a mistake

That you wish you could take back?

Have you ever found someone perfect

Before you found what they lacked?

Have you ever hated what you saw

When you looked into the mirror?

Have you ever turned around

Too cowardly to face what you feared?

If you have, you know how I feel

And the pain that I've gone through

How something you thought was real

Turned out to be untrue

It's not so hard to hide from the world

When all you feel is lost

And you wish and you want so much to go back

And would try to at any cost

Because sometimes life is too hard to deal

And everyone needs a break

From what they're trying not to feel

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