April 9, 2008
By Julia Sanders, Concord, NC

Look through their eyes
And see what they see
Don’t just pretend
Or pretend to be
Just another something
You can’t see

You go on day to day
Pretending everything is ok
When all you can see
Is what you pretend to be

You pretend you are something
But you’re no better than me
I can’t wait to see
To see you fall
Down to your knees
Along beside me

So many things I want to say
About things you can’t take away
I trusted you
And you took advantage of what I would say

I can’t believe I thought you cared
About where I ended
Or if I was scared
It turned out you were just another nightmare
Just another one to add to my collection of fears

A fear that’s what you are
And that’s what you’ll stay
No there aint no price you can pay
To bring me out of this state of mind
And that’s the only thing that you can find

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