The Puppet Master

April 9, 2008
A sadistic being, he yearns for your pain
A fictional creature, who over the years has earned
The utmost respect from different cultures and groups
Yet he is the reasons why souls have burned.

Some may disagree, calling the puppet master a loving one
His love is unconditional, he is with us in all ways
Yet day after the day the rise in the death toll continues on
He is destroying humanity, we will not be saved.

The puppet master has got these mortals kissing his feet
With the talk of afterlife and the miracles he brings
He claims to be the way to a peaceful after death
Yet the constant laws he sets down discusses different things

How can we live free with all these limits
How can we learn from our mistakes with all these expectations
How can we truly be as free as a bird
When our soul yearns for mere human complications

We lie to ourselves and tell ourselves we will be great
But how can this be true when we simply degrade
Every human being we simple come across
This is a repetiive action; it occurs day after day

The puppet master is the true master of deception
He's got all of us weak hearted throwing ourselves at him
we don't even consider our pride in his company
For he is the founder of all great religions

This puppet master has a more common name
One that both peaseants and rich say with love all the time
His name is three letters long
His name is God

He is the cause of this merciless ongoing war
He is the reason for the rich and the poor
He claims to love all his children as he is the father
Yet he lets them die day after day due to this ludacris war

So who is really to be worshiped, for all the good things in life
Is it God; for all i see is strife
We march as mindless drones to church or places of worship
We should be walking the other way and saving our loved ones from dreaded war ships

So God i beleive that you are alive
For this war would not happen if that was a lie
Yet i don't beleive you come in a loving manner
For you are the one and true Puppet Master.

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