In Love Today, Broken Hearted Tomorrow

April 9, 2008
you had me so wrapped
in your lies
I was wrapped up
in you baby

But it just ended in pain
’Cause you lead me on just to break my heart
and I know that it will never be the same
And those broken lyrics won’t find you peace
and those lost words won't find my heart

This emptiness it breaks me
This vastness it will kill me
Your love it TEARS me
And why cant I,
Why I cant save, me
And it’s unbelievable how long it took me to realize that this is the way the world goes round

In love today broken hearted tomorrow
The pain fades, and so will you some day
I gave my
Heart, I gave my all

But there is no way
that I will feel this way again
You told my lies
You broke my heart
And now I’m over you

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