April 9, 2008
By Ashley Smiskey, Onsted, MI

Everyone is trying to change your ways
And in the cruel judge mental world of today
It’s so much easier to make the reform
Become a new person as though you have been reborn

Whether you believe in the masked face
It is a burden you feel you must embrace
Going a different way would make you an outcast
Which is why you never dare walk the deselect path

You would love to be someone else
But that idea has long since been shelved
Who you truly want to be has been eluded
Into someone others may never see

And all the sudden you hear a sound
Whispering an idea oh so profound
You can be your own person believe me when I say
The desire burning inside will not go away

You have to fight this unwanted crave
All that you want is lingering inside
Don’t let the opportunity to change pass you by

You want to change the steps that you take
And all you have to do is make the decision
To become a part of a bigger vision

Show others to the door
That can be open to you and so many more
Take them for a look inside
Show them that they no longer have to hide
The deserted path will now be occupied

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