Mom Goodbye

April 9, 2008
By Angelica Gallegos, Phoenix, AZ

Now it's time to say goodbye but not before we see all the wonderful things you've done for me. All the hurt and agony will soon be in the past, we all think it's best for you, so rest in peace at last. Mom, you've done so much for us it's hard to let you go, but you'll be going to a better place now this we all do know. You've done your share for all of us and now wesay goodbye we know that you'd do anything for us and never ask us why. We'll remember you trough christmases and birthdays just for starts they always meant so muchfor you we'll keep them in our hearts. Mom, you've done so much for us it's hard to say goodbye but we know you'll be watching over us from somewhere in the sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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