Dark Waters Of Obsession

April 9, 2008
I saw you from a distance and didn’t know why I knew I would remember you.
I’m not sure if you saw me in the dark water trying to swim to the air I needed,
Or if you wanted to be in my life.
I almost stopped swimming,
You materialized out of the dark world and gave me a reason to survive.
I then tried harder to float to life rather than sink to my death.
You pulled me upon a raft you never knew you had in store for someone.
Someone like me.
A person you never knew you could heal.
You gave me the shelter I needed and prayed for.
I will always remember you.
Travel far away and avoid me all you want.
It won’t change my memory or feelings for you.
You are an unforgettable image.
You are a never healing burn in my skin,
A cut too deep to disappear forever.
A pain always aching,
Never fading.
I saw you from a distance,
And knew I wanted you.

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