Stupid Hormones

April 9, 2008
By Jennifer Olsen, Manassas, VA

will you come with me?
will you follow me to the place we first met?
i fell in love with you there.
do you remember?
you didn't feeling like talking,
but i talked to you none the less.
i made you laugh.
you made me smile.
i sat next to you wanting to hold your hand.
you shyed away and became quiet.
i continued going on about books...
what an embarresing topic it seems like now.
but it was special to me.
and to you.
and still is.
it's amusing to see what can spark a persons intrest
and how easy it is to 'fall in love' with someone.
but i'm grateful for them
because they helped me fall in love,
yes, in love,
with you.

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