The Art of Life

April 9, 2008
By Evelyn Azpeitia, Hemet, CA

The Blank Canvas. . .
Ready to be smeared with the paint of obstacles and misfortunes that come with the making of art.

The Painter. .The Body. .The Artist. .

The Paint. . .
Ready to be played with until you get the perfect color.

The Stroke of the Brush. . .
The strides we take to make our picture worth looking at.

The Water. . .
Here to wash away the residue of our blunder.

The Smock. .The Mask. . .
It can get pretty grubby, but you can always take it off and wash the paint away.

The Family. .Our Endless Supply of Blank Canvases. . .

Mo matter what, they'll always be there to keep handing you blank canvases until you get that picture of your just right.

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