Only in Dead Fantasy

April 9, 2008
By Ashley Talty, Nocona, TX

Eyes unblimished and filled with crystalline light
hold within them a deceiving innocence
cradled by your arms but a child i am not
The stench of evil is upon me
But deception is not the elixir that flows through me
but an artists dark passion
my fountainous poison spills past your lips
as you hold me flying above you, drunk on your insanity
a pictureque evening acts as a tomb
holding in our living death protectively
i cry black tears for you my love
for as i reach for you, you are but mist passing through my arms
i spat bitter spent love on the spot which we laid
you are my darling phantom, i wish you to be solid
for each night i can only caress you in the private land of nod
yet even then such joyous acts are but ill-willed fantasy
you my nymph, are my cheru, fallen from grace
fallen down to where i lay- a land of ruin
we are never truely alone until we are together
only then does reality melt away

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