What it Was Like to be a Kid

April 9, 2008
By brittany diehl, Havertown, PA

Childhood is having nightmares about car chases.
As an anxious child, your mother would make you wear dresses with hundreds of laces.
I remember starting to play Hi Ho! The Cherry-O more and more.

My friends and I used to get perfect, powerful, Pokémon-Warheads at the store.
All of the children would run to recess-racing after lunch.
Every kid would take part in the handclap games that greeted you as you crunch and munch.
The days when your brave, brilliant, brother-the exorcist got you into trouble.
Everyone always drew with chalk or even blew a bubble.
Childhood is making eatable, enjoyable, easy bake oven, which was my favorite toy.
Constantly playing with my friend who was an Ocean City-Tomboy,
and playing joyfully on trees that were telling you to climb.
Childhood is sledding in the snow, which was as white as a cloud,
Walking out of school with friends that were usually loud,
Eating cold ice cream on a day as hot as a fire,
Swinging on a swing made out of a rope and a tire.
I always enjoyed eating Spice Girl lollipops, which were a favorite of mine.
I would revisit my childhood if I could go back in time.

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