Childhood Is...

April 9, 2008
By Bernadette Krause, Havertown, PA

Childhood is… feeling like the dreaded lift
was picking me up and throwing me onto the bus.
My pretty, precious, puppy was my favorite gift,
she never caused a great big fuss.

I remember…“Trotting on the rail” someone would crazily constantly call,
on a Wednesday, an abrasively arctic winter night.
I flipped down the head of the Guess Who character Paul,
this game was far better then flying an average animal kite.

Childhood is…My favorite red Greece-Pokemon bear was dressed in more red than a bright red
sunset. I finally had gotten my new wheelchair and it looked like a shining barbecue- monster under the bed star in the sky.
I hated when it was time to get in bed,
I didn’t want to dream that Chuck E. cheese was going to eat Em and I.

I remember…Swedish Fish were so tasty as they jumped around on my taste buds.
I used to be as tall as a shiny silver staple
We tossed many poppers and threw away the duds
on the Fourth of July. My life was so sweet it was like syrup from a Maple.

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