Happy on Earth

February 13, 2008
By MC Kenzie westfall, Discovary Bay, CA

There was a girl who could touch the earth.
She was one of few how could feel sorrow in the wind.
She thought every one is pure at birth.
But if not they should get another chance to live life.
She was free spirited and did not care what others thought.

There was a girl, who did not care about silver or gold,
This girl cared about every one else.
This girl was every bold.
She would help others before her self.
This girl had good fountain for this.

There was a girl who thought people were as cold as ice.
When she meets these girls you find a soul.
She trys to get to know people,
Even if they have a heart of coal.

These girls may be the most honest people ever.
For they for they are so wise and clever.
I wish more people were like this,
It would open so many more doors.
If people realized this,
It would be the first step to helping our world.

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