February 13, 2008
By Kaazim Hasan, Waterford, VA

You messed up, you did something wrong
Its all good hopefully your life will be long
You gotta regret what you did; make it count
Or else it’ll all come back to you in an unbelievable amount

Whoever you wronged, your parents or god
Seek forgiveness don’t look at the odds
We have many chances to do things right
Instead we choose wrong and say everything is gonna be alright

If in your heart you are in shame
Don’t say everything is still the same
Little after little you will see the major difference
And realize that you yourself is the one to blame

You ask for mercy when you lie or cheat
But when it happens to you is it easy to repeat the treat?
Do unto others what you would want them to do unto you
You learned it in Kindergarten but did you ever think it was true

Hate to break it to you but this world is going corrupt
As we speak more problems around the world erupt
How hard just to say the words I’m sorry or your forgiven
Maybe all it takes is just one brave man to do the talkin’

Repentance; you hear that word everywhere
In books, in movies, in speeches anywhere
There’s more to it than just what you may think
But you will see that between repentance and happiness there truly is a link

From within you must promise never to repeat
The action which caused you to stray away towards the heat
The heat of the flames will engulf the man
Who snickered at his misdeeds and ran

So never try to escape what you may think be the worst
Look at “evil” straight in the face and say I’m not cursed
Everyone can make a difference you see
All it takes it just two little words- I’m sorry

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