Rough Giraffe

February 13, 2008
I had to do a research paper on giraffes today
On how they adapt and why they looked that way
I must tell you that it wasn’t easy
It even made me feel a wee bit queasy

I went to the library to check out a book
My goodness! You don’t know how long it took
I finally found a book about the giraffe
Oh how their long necks and tongues made me laugh

I started to read a story about the giraffe’s evolution
But all I got was plain old confusion
These books in the library didn’t help at all
I decided that going on the internet was a good call

I searched the web to look up more stuff
Since the information in the books just didn’t give me enough
I found a great site about giraffe's adaptations
They could survive through many environmental limitations

I finally decided to start writing my research paper
But my laziness made me want to do it later
I bit the bullet and at last I finished
The brutal giraffe report was finally diminished.

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