If Only

December 7, 2011
If only, if only,
We didn’t use war,
To solve all the problems,
That aren’t worth fighting for.

If only, if only,
We all took a stand,
To help one another,
Step by step, hand in hand.

If only, if only,
We didn’t judge with our eyes,
The same eyes that laugh,
With shadowy lies.

If only, if only,
We learned from mistakes,
And if hearts could mend,
As fast as they break.

If only, if only,
We knew from the start,
That hope is what keeps us,
From falling apart.

But the war is not ending,
And our faith is low,
Our harsh, judging eyes,
Hide secrets that grow.
And it’s like we learn nothing
As each day goes by,
And even with hope,
Despair comes and we cry.

The harder we try,
The more hopeless and lonely..
Until all we have left is
If only, if only.

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