Love is patient

December 23, 2011
It's amazing that i met you only by chance
Just the two lucky winners of circumstance

We picked each other out right from the start
I fell in love with your hair, your smile, and most importantly, your heart

Ours is a story similar to Romeo and Juliet
Two star crossed lovers
brought together by chance

They all say we're the couple
A match not to be compared
They never knew the secret, the one we never shared

Even though we loved each other
with hearts sincere and pure
We were kept apart by authority who thought us immature

That's okay i'm willing to wait
You said we'd work it out and i trust what you say

we'll find each other again somewhere, some place
We'll greet each other smiling and give a warm embrace

And we'll be the only ones there,
The only ones that know
that we once shared a love
that made each heart glow.

I will wait for you until that day
No matter how long the time
I'll dream and think about the day
the day that you'll be mine

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