December 22, 2011
The 1st day i seen you , You had to be mine but then something hit me and i remembered you had a girl. But did that stop me ? No because i was so yearning for your touch , and thirst for your love . It was a must .
So i ran , and stomped through the thunderstorm without an umbrella . Getting hit by thunder every other step i got back up and kept running until i run the race and captured your heart not caring that it belonged to someone else .
We both fell off the earth forgetting the rest and the other two we was gon hurt . We shared our deepest secrets , gave each other our word , kissed , Hugged , Laughed , and fell in love .
It was beautiful for a while until we fell back on Earth .
Reality kicked in and before i knew it shes was yours and you was mines , My heart was yours but yours wasn't just mines.
That's when everything changed !
Smiles turned into Frowns , Laughs turned into Crys , Hugs turned into Pushes And Love turned in Hurt .

2 years and a half later and you be off to collage soon ' Yeah it hurts and yes i'm gonna miss you to bad i can say " I Won that War " &' i Have You .
I Lost &' She Still Has You .

Lesson Learned - You leave em how you meet them .

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