It's Complicated

February 12, 2008
You were like a puppy in a cardboard box
Waiting to be seen
A long desire to be wanted... needed
All was fulfilled when she took you in
She opened the door to your heart
As you held her close

Together as one
Bring on the games!
Right foot on blue!
You danced together
Under the moon
You made a wish
Wish that it will never end

But as the time passed
Everything changed
As she locked you in a closet
You then realized
She didn't need you
She doesn't want you
She wants something new

Now beaten and used
Battered and bruised
Lamb for the slaughter
With your soul splitting in tw
Wondering what had happen
You're back to where you started
Brummagem hope
Rotting in loneliness
This is so retarded!

I envy you!
You have no self pity
And yet you're broken?
You made her happy, for a while
Was that all that mattered?

You say
There was no other way
You had to play
And if you die today
It's okay!

I hate you!
You don't care that you were used
That you were beaten and bruised
You say you served your purpose
And that none of that matters
I don't understand!

I pity you now...
You'll never know what is real
You will never live
Because that's all there is
That's all she wrote
There isn't anymore
Listen to the slam of the door
That my friend
Is the end

Bring on the games
Left foot on blue!
Such a complicated life
You'd hate it, wouldn't you?
Always having to go with the flow
Waiting like a rock, just for a toe
What would you do?
Now aren't you glad
That you're not a shoe?

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