February 12, 2008
By Erin VanBrocklin, Baldwinsville, NY

You left your house, you left your friends
You left me here with letters I won't send
You left me here to wander alone, with no where to go
And you're not here to tell me it's OK
You're not here to tell me why I feel this way

When you come back you probably won't look the same
And when I see your face, I'll only remember your name

I won't ever understand the way I feel for you
And I wish you were all I ever knew

Right now you are stuck going through bulls***
Doing anything just to stay fit
Seeing angry faces and hearing furious yells
You get bossed around, until you drop to the ground

I know this is the best for you
And I know it's what you got to do, to straighten up your life
But I still wish you were here, so I wouldn't shed another tear
And so I wouldn't miss you so much

Hopefully I'll get over you within the time you're gone
I hope your smile won't be something I have to wait on
I'm never gonna let go of a true friend
So some of those letters, I might send

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