February 12, 2008
The summer season is so cool’
When I’m sittin’ by the pool.
The summer sun so bright and yellow,
While I sit comfortable and mellow.
I love to go down to the ocean,
And get away from all the commotion.
I listen to the radio while the Red Sox play,
I could stay for all the live long day.
This season is the best,
And I won’t worry ‘bout the rest.

Ode to My Dad

Without him what would I do?
He is my hero,
my inspiration,
and no one can do a better job.
He loves me a lot,
with all of his heart,
he is like my teacher,
my teacher of life.
He teaches me to be a man.
He is there for everything.
For you I’d do anything.
You’re my friend,
My father,
and my role model.
You are the best,
I love you dad!

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