February 12, 2008
The newsman tells me what to think
Prejudiced bias spikes my drink
Muted are whispers on my ears
When fuzzy noise is all they hear
Though bombs don’t devastate my land
Minefields still debunk where I stand
Two sides can never both be right
And peace has tiptoed out of sight
Although I know what I believe
Through fiery eyes, it’s hard to see
My mind is blurred by what I’m told
My aims don’t melt into the mold
Of the machine that shapes our sphere
We make the evils that we fear
Those who applaud the diverse mind
Are those who leave my thoughts behind
I’ve learned to trust myself alone
When voices shake me to the bone
Expect respect to be returned
From polar views we all could learn
Don’t brush off what I have to say
And your opinions I will weigh
But if you tell me what to know
A fire will be set aglow
My mind is growing, give it air
Freedom of thought is only fair
So newsman, this I say to you
Don’t beat my young mind black and blue
Present the facts and let me choose
For if you don’t, we both will lose
The right to mouth off what we think
Our thoughts don’t have to be in sync
But love thy neighbor, give respect
Each other’s lives we must protect
Centered at every human core
Is love of peace and hate of war
As creatures, we are much the same
We’re all just pawns in the same game
Newsman, lay open what you know
But your opinions don’t bestow
Through airways I cannot defend
My own viewpoints I cannot lend

The newsman tells me what to think
But here are my ideals in ink.

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