Unspoken but Written

February 12, 2008
For all the things
I never said ,
I wish
I would've said.

The simple things
that really count
like thanks
or I love you
But, I never took the time
to even say hello

I screamed at you
but never said sorry
you knowthat I love you.
So for all the words
I didn't say
it goes unspoken but
but always and forever written
in my heart
for the world
to see how truely,
and deeply I love you

But how do you
break those awful
thats been there
for years?
When all you know
is hurt and pain?

For all the words
I never said,
I wish I would have said
like hi or
even I love you

Although youre gone
forever now,
I write this out for you

For all the words,
I never said
it goes unspoken
but written
yes written so
so you'll see
just how much
I truley love you!

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